Knee progress

My knee is getting better, but it is slow going

Today's been particularly tough, my PT gave me pretty tough exercises when I was there yesterday, and I've been really sore from them today.

My PT says that things are going well and that the progress is good. I absolutely believe him, but I'm impatient and I'm tired of being in pain. I know that it's a good sign that I can do harder exercises and deal with more weight-bearing.

I'm trying to remind myself that it's only been a little more than two months since the surgery and that last time it took many months before I reached the point I'm at now. I still have more pain and less mobility than I did before the surgery, but not that much, and it seems like the trajectory is positive.

One of the best things is that I can use my exercise bike again - I have a little one that I keep under my desk so I can pedal while I'm working. It helps a lot with managing my weight and theoretically helps with getting my knee back in better shape as well.