School is killing me

Every day there's another article about how parents are falling apart right now. I am definitely one of those parents.

Today was actually pretty decent school-wise - both kids successfully attended their online classes, and my daughter did a decent amount of her schoolwork. Last night she even had me video a little research report she wanted to do for school.  

But I still feel like we are failing. Over the last couple of days we've heard from the various specialists that my son sees. They want to know how we're doing, and they have suggestions for the work we should be doing at home. Truth is, we haven't been able to work with him very much on these goals. The teachers get it, and tell us we are doing ok, but it is hard not to feel like we are letting him down.

My daughter's teacher meanwhile is trying her best to help us with the behavior issues we've been seeing, but the schoolwork continues to pile up and we can't even begin to handle it. What's extra hard is we keep hearing from other parents who complain that the school isn't doing enough to keep their kids learning.

Between working, not sleeping, and keeping the kids from tearing the house and each other apart, there just isn't time or energy to also be the homework police. I realize that the expectations are impossible, but it is also impossible not to feel like the kids are falling behind and that it is somehow our fault.