Friday again

I mean, I think it's Friday. It hardly matters anymore. I don't really have anything useful to say, but I am trying to keep this stream-of-consciousness, you know, conscious.

Today was fine, yesterday was fine. It's supposed to be a nice weekend. We'll take the kids in the driveway to play, I'll bake cookies, I might even have time to take some pictures of the tulips in the garden.

The season is starting to change, but nothing much else has. It's been six weeks or thereabouts, I think. There's no end in sight. I've sort-of gotten used to the miasma of ambiguous worry and fear that surrounds everything we do now.

Today the governor announced that masks would be mandatory for public places. Our town did something similar a few days ago. I am grateful that we have relatively sane leadership in our state. Meanwhile it seems like about half of the country is rushing to get as many people infected as possible.