Weekend away

My wife had Juneteenth off, and I had some PTO days burning a hole in my pocket, so we decided to get away for a long weekend and we went up to our family vacation home in Maine.

Maine has pretty strict quarantine policies, so we drove straight up and brought all of our groceries and provisions. We haven't left the property and will be driving straight home before long. We've heard rumors of people getting huge fines for disobeying quarantine, but the state information site says that it's ok as long as you quarantine for the length of your stay, which we have.

What's especially nice about being up here is that there's a lot of land and no road or cars to worry about, so the kids can run around without much supervision. They were also very excited about making s'mores. They've been cooped up in our house and our very small yard for months, so this has been a really nice change for them. (Of course, being kids, they still mostly want to watch TV.)

On the other hand it is HOT up here. No AC in a log cabin, and we aren't going to the lake because we want to be obeying the quarantine as fully as possible. The heat has made us a little less strict about screen time and things like that, we are all just kind-of lounging around with various electronics a lot of the time. (But OMG the internet is SO SLOW up here.)

We haven't been away from home in any meaningful way since the winter, so this was a pretty special treat. We hope to be back before too long, but we'll see what other family members want to do. (And how the weather is, I don't want to come back with this kind of heat any time soon.)