It's gotten so much worse

I haven't written in a while, partly because I haven't had a lot to say and partly because I am so discouraged by what has been going on in the country.

The coronavirus is on its way to being contained in most of the world, but Trump's disasterous non-response has caused the virus to surge massively almost everywhere.

We are fortunate to live in Massachusetts where a relatively sane populace and a more or less competent government have so far successfully kept the virus at bay, but it seems to me that it is only a matter of time before it comes back. They haven't closed the borders or the airports, and they are relaxing restrictions. It seems to me that if they continue to relax things the virus will return with visitors from other states. If nothing else I am very frightened about the prospect of hundreds of thousands of students returning in late August, bringing with them god knows what.

A vaccine or useful treatment seems just as far off as it ever did, and crazy people all over the country - even here in Massachusetts - are refusing to wear masks and actively flaunting common sense preventative measures.

With half the country in active denial, a so-called president actively trying to get people infected, and no plan for containing the virus, things feel very bleak.