The tulips don't care that we're in lockdown. They care a little that I haven't been watering them as much as I might in a normal year, because I'm not spending as much time outside. (Though it's been raining on and off, so they are doing fine.) They probably cared about the stupidly cold weather we had yesterday. Beyond that they are just busy being tulips.

I've been going out most mornings to photograph them, though I think there's only a few days left before they start to fade away. It'll be a while before the rest of my garden blooms, especially since I haven't been to the garden center to look for annuals. I'll probably miss the window of opportunity for poppies this year which is a shame.

It is comforting to have a creative outlet. Sometimes I wish that I had been keeping a visual diary alongside this blog, but that hasn't really been my style since the kids were born. For now the flower photos will have to do. Here's a few newer ones.