Not dancing

My daughter has been going to dance classes at the same studio for a couple of years now. As with everyone else, they've been closed and struggling to figure out a way to serve their community. The solution they came up with was to offer classes on Zoom. I thought this was a pretty great idea.

But my daughter isn't having it, she says that every session is the same, that it's boring, and that she won't do it. So we're going to drop her out of the class. (We'll figure out some way to keep supporting the studio anyway because we feel it's an important part of the community and we want it to still be there when things can reopen for in-person classes.)

This is disappointing on many levels. I'm sad to lose a connection to the school, I'm sad that my daughter isn't dancing, and I'm sad to be part of the dropping enrollment.

My daughter is very fussy about what she considers dancing. She never liked the tap component of her classes, less so on Zoom without tap shoes. We tried to get her interested in Just Dance on the playstation, but that was a non-starter - she hates the music it plays (yeah, me too), and she hates the style of dancing it promotes. My wife knows some super-talented dance students who may be able to do one-on-one lessons over facetime or whatever, so we'll give that a try and see how it goes.