One Hundred Thousand

One Hundred Thousand deaths in the US. Nearly a third of all the deaths worldwide so far. Some deaths were inevitable, but most of these were preventable if we had a halfway competent government instead of one content to kill as many people as possible.

I've been trying to keep politics mostly out of this blog because almost all of you reading this already know where I stand and because there's little that a piddly little blog like mine can hope to accomplish in that regard.


One. Hundred. Thousand.

And the idiot president pretends everything is fine. And the states lift restrictions. And people flock to the beaches and parks as if they are safe.

Well I don't feel safe. I am not ready to get a haircut or let my kids on the playground or go to the zoo. I miss all those things and much much more. But the virus isn't done with us yet, and the more idiots go out frolicking the less safe the rest of us are and the longer this will take.

I realize that I probably don't have to convince you and I'm not likely to convince anyone else, but I have this little blog and I get to say what I want on it.

Please wear your masks, please stay as safe as possible, and please vote in November. Real people are dying.