For as long as I can remember I've been afraid of the police.

I probably don't have a lot of reason to be - I'm white, affluent, and obnoxiously law-abiding. I am well aware that many others do not share my privilege. Privileged though I am, the police scare me.

I live on a busy street. There is frequently a cop parked outside my house for traffic enforcement. Whenever I see that car I worry.

I remember when I was in second or third grade I saw a cop car in the parking lot of my school on my way in from recess. I was scared that they were there to get me so I hid behind the bookmobile. Of course, the cops saw some kid suspiciously hiding and came to investigate which just scared me more.

When I was a little older I learned about the Holocaust and the atrocities police perpetrated against people like me at that time. I knew that was a different place and a different time, but it didn't help my fears one bit.

But that 'different place, different time' looks more and more like 'here, now' at least for people who don't look like me. The police murdered George Floyd, and countless others. It's too soon to know if they'll get away with it this time, but considering they have every other time there's no reason to think there will be any semblance of justice here.

The police did nothing to stop armed 'protesters' from storming state capitols over the past month or two.

Trump's ICE gestapo continues to round up immigrants and put them in cages.

And instead of standing for truth and justice police unions all over the country support and endorse Trump. How can we expect them to enforce the laws when they support lawlessness and corruption?

How can I teach my kids to trust the police when I know their friends' parents are giving their kids 'the talk?'

And how can any of us feel safe when we know that our so-called protectors are harboring murderers in their midst?