Old friends

I had two really good calls today with old friends to whom I don't talk nearly enough. One I see with some frequency, the other I haven't seen in many years - I was actually so surprised when he answered the phone that I wondered if I had the wrong number.

I am not particularly fond of talking on the phone and generally avoid it as much as possible, but it was wonderful to have these two conversations. Even for us extreme introverts, isolation can be tough. It was good to be reminded that I still have friends out there.

Over the years most of my friends have moved away or otherwise drifted. I'm not very good at making new ones and I probably don't try as hard as I should. I've made some halfhearted overtures to parents of my kids' friends, but I am not good at following through.

So it was good to have the phone ring and not have a robot on the other end. I need to remember to pick it up more often.