I haven't blogged regularly since Maija was born so I'll ask your forgiveness about forgetting to write yesterday.

Monday was a struggle. My knee was hurting more than it sometimes does which made it a little hard to sit still, there was a lot going on at work, and the kids were very restless. It was a strange day for the end of March (like anything could be stranger than it is already) because it was snowing - not a lot of accumulation, but snow all day.

The governor shut down the state for anything non-essential. I don't really think this will affect our daily life very much since we were already staying home except for groceries and physical therapy, but it was a stark reminder of the reality of just how serious and dangerous a time we are living through.

Patsy and I were joking that we might need a resupply of wine before we need a resupply of groceries. Neither of us actually drink very much, but we've been allowing ourselves a little more these past few weeks, it doesn't hurt. Which brings me to a joke I saw.

Quarantine drinking game... every time you hear 'MOM!!' take a drink. Just kidding, don't do that, you will die.

In the evening I was working on this blog. I'm trying to get comments working. It's my own stupid fault for picking a platform that is designed more for developers than for end-users, so there's a lot of highly-technical mumbo jumbo that needs to be done in order to get it working. In the process I broke one of my other sites which I need to get back up and running before I can get the comments up, so lots of fun with computers, or something.