First week of isolation

So I mentioned that I had been working from home already due to my surgery, but this week that just ended was the first full week when the whole state was shut down and we were all home together. It's been a real challenge.

For me, staying home and avoiding other people isn't so bad - I'm a pretty extreme introvert in the first place, so not having to interact with groups of people is kinda great. But the rest of it has been very, very difficult.

Trying to balance working from home while also trying to take care of the kids has been rough. Most days we've had at least one movie, some TV time, and some iPad time. We usually try to avoid all of these things, but with no childcare and demanding jobs we haven't had a lot of options. The first day of this the kids thought they had hit the jackpot, but we have already gotten to the point where movies and TV are boring, and I expect they'll tire of iPad time before too long. We have been looking for ways to get them moving (it is hard to get them out of the house right now - it's still pretty cold outside and we live on a busy street with a very small backyard - we can't just let the kids go outside unsupervised while we are working.) so far they have rejected CosmicKids Yoga, GoNoodle and JustDance, but we're still looking...

Getting groceries hasn't been as bad as I feared it would be - Instacart and Amazon have been delivering (though not super-reliably) and today a generous community member did a grocery-store run for us. We thankfully had stocked up on toilet paper at Costco before this all happened so we have plenty for the forseeable future.

I have been leaving the house to go to physical therapy for my knee, but that's about it. So far so good with that, but I am worried about how long the PT office will be able to stay open, and of course I am concerned about possible exposure in their office. Still, PT has been good and my knee is getting better albeit slowly.

But the fear... It's crippling. I am worried about my health, my family's health, the economy, what will happen to my kids if we get sick, what will happen to our jobs if the economy gets really bad, what will happen to our parents if they get sick... My wife tells me I need to stop reading the news because it is making me more anxious, and she's probably right, but I can't pull myself away, it's everywhere.