A pretty good day

Today has been pretty good.

My parents stopped by this afternoon (at a safe distance) to drop off some seedlings for my garden, mostly tomatoes and peppers (including a few chilies that my dad had grown from seed.) This was really great because I had been avoiding going to the garden center but I was wanting to start my vegetable garden. We had a brief but nice visit. The kids aren't so clear on social distancing so it was a little tricky getting them to keep their distance, but they did ok.

(My daugher wants to help now, here's what she has to say) I got a new school workbook and it was very fun, and we got to see my grandparents, and it's the weekend so it is easier to do everything because we don't have school stuff. And because there was a lot of time to read, and I like reading.

Back to me now... That new workbook we got my daugher (BrainQuest) was kind-of a revelation, she was happy to do some work in it even though it was the weekend, and she did enough to earn a reward for doing her schoolwork, which is great.

We spent a while outside planting the seedlings - there were so many of them that I used up almost all of my available plot space. (This is fine, there's nothing else I was hoping to grow this year.) My daughter is excited because I planted a bunch of cherry tomatoes and even some ground cherries, both of which she loves to eat. I am excited to have the garden up and running again, it gives me a reason to get out of the house at least once a day, and it will be wonderful to have some homegrown vegetables in a couple months.

I tried making jambalaya for dinner in the instant pot, which was fairly successful even though the instant pot itself ended up giving me the dreaded burn warning. We had some smoked sausage that my wife's parents had brought us from Houston a while back which worked really well (my wife said it was too spicy, but I respectfully disagree.) My daughter is semi-vegetarian so she ate tofu and rice instead. (She is dancing and singing right now 'you talked about me!')

We made it through the day with a bare minimum of meltdowns or misbehavior, I think it helps on weekends that the kids get more attention from us.