2 weeks with covid

My wife got hit with covid around the fourth of July. She had been super-careful, but her boss wanted to have a face-to-face lunch meeting, and he didn't realize that he was covid-positive at the time, so she was exposed and caught it from him.

It's been pretty terrible. She had a 'mild' or perhaps 'moderate' case of the illness, so she thankfully didn't need hospitalization or any heroic measures, but she was still down-for-the-count for nearly two weeks. She isolated from the rest of the family for most of that time, which mercifully meant that the rest of the family stayed covid-negative (fingers crossed that we remain that way.) It was hard on all of us - certainly hardest on her, but we missed her terribly even though she was just one room away.

We don't know why she was hit so hard and the rest of us were spared. Our best guess is that the kids and I had our boosters relatively recently (second for me, first for them) where my wife's first and only booster was quite some time ago by now. Whatever the reason I feel very fortunate that the kids and I escaped it for now.

By now she's had multiple negative tests, and her symptoms have improved a lot, so we feel like she might be out of the woods, or at least nearly out. We're ready to start seeing friends (outdoors at first) and reentering civilization after hiding out for a while.

For those who might not be taking covid seriously at this point, my message is that it is still a serious illness. Not everyone has the luxury of sick time or wfh, and she was unable to work for a good chunk of the time she was isolating. Time away from family and friends is also really hard. Please take this seriously - get vaxxed and boosted, wear your mask in public, especially indoors, and isolate if you do get infected.