Working from home

I love my job and I have a wonderful employer. I am very fortunate that there has been no trouble with working from home - we have many remote employees, and we all use laptops as our primary machines. In fact I've been WFH for quite some time now. I had knee surgery a month ago, and I've had very limited mobility ever since, so I've been WFH for a month and of course like all of us I will continue to be for the forseeable future, and now my wife is WFH as well and we have two little 'coworkers' underfoot.

Working from home has been very challenging, and has been evolving. When I started this process, I was more or less bedridden and could barely leave my room. My wife would load up a cooler for me with soda and lunch each day, and I would make a command center out of our bed. We use RingCentral, which is pretty much the same thing as Zoom at work for our meetings so I was able to stay connected with people.

Now that I can get around a little more I have moved my work into my home office. It's a catastrophic mess in there, but I was able to clear a little room on my desk for my laptop, and clear a crutches-safe path to my desk chair. The whole company is working from home now and we have been doing ok with it so far. One thing that's been helping is we've asked everyone to keep their cameras on during virtual meetings. It makes a big difference to be able to see people's faces and expressions.  

This is going to sound silly, but it has been really important. One thing I love about where I work is that at lunchtime many of us get together to play board games. Until recently, we all really missed this when we would work from home. One game we love to play is called Dominion, and my boss discovered that there is an online version at - we've been playing online most lunch times now, and we keep a conference call going in the background so we can talk with each other while we play. It has helped SO much to have an outlet to virtually socialize with my colleagues.