Superman isn’t coming

If Marvel or DC put 2020 into a comic book people would dismiss it as being too unrealistic. If they made Doctor Doom or Wilson Fisk or Lex Luthor president (I think they may have done the last one) people would say it could never happen. (And man that Secret Empire thing was garbage.)

But it is happening. Trump may not be as smart as those three, but he is at least as evil, and he is trying to start a real civil war right now.  He has the cops tear-gassing protesters so he can have photo ops, and he's threatening to do much much worse.

We need Superman to swoop in and save us. But he's not coming, because unlike everything else going on, he's fictional. So we need real heroes, people who will resist, people who will march, people who will VOTE.

I still believe in Truth, Justice, and the American Way. But it seems like half the country doesn't anymore. The police and the military are following Trump into an American Tiananmen Square. Meanwhile we are still dying from Coronavirus, and the police are still killing black people indiscriminantly.

If we make it to November, we need to save ourselves from this madness. In the meantime my heart is with all those risking their lives to stand up for justice.