Start of the work week

It's getting kind-of hard to mark the passage of time these days, (I spent most of last Thursday thinking it was Friday) but today was definitely Monday.

Working brings its own comforts, it is helpful to have a routine and it's one of my few social outlets these days. (Who am I kidding? It's one of my only social outlets lockdown or no lockdown...) Nevertheless it is still quite challenging to manage the kids and work at the same time.

We had a pretty epic streaming session just after lunch - my daughter was on FaceTime with my mom having an art lesson, my son was on a video call with his friend, and my wife was in a Zoom meeting. It made me that much more aware of how fortunate we are to have fast, reliable internet.

I talked with my daughter before bedtime, she's not a big talker, but she was saying how hard it is to be stuck in the house without any other kids besides her brother. She misses her friends, her school, her grandparents to name a few. She's been acting out more than usual, and she tells us that she's scared a lot more than usual. I don't know if she's scared about the situation in the world, or monsters, or something else, but it has to have something to do with all of the bad energy floating around.