Small setback

My knee has been hurting a lot lately, so when I went to PT today I was telling him about that, and he seemed a little concerned. I had thought that maybe it was just sore from doing a lot of exercise, but he thought I might be pushing it too hard.

So I'm not supposed to do any more exercises for the rest of this week, not even my little exercise bike. It's good that he's taking it seriously and that he has a plan, but it's kind of discouraging because I thought I was making good progress.

He put some kind of fancy therapy tape all over my knee and did some manipulations and sent me on my way. I'm hoping that a week of rest will give things time to heal and settle down so I can get back to work on getting my knee back to normal soon.

One of the things that's hard about this is I haven't been able to go in to see my surgeon in person, which also means I never got my follow-up X-Ray. We're kinda taking it on faith that if things weren't healing properly I'd be in a lot more pain than I am. Whenever I have actual pain I get a little worried about that. I reached out to the surgeon's office today to see if they are starting to take in-person appointments yet, we'll see if they get back to me.