Slowly returning to normal

The pandemic isn't over yet, but things are starting to show signs of returning to normalcy. The other day the CDC said that vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks in public. Shortly thereafter Massachusetts lifted its mask mandate. Then the schools decided that kids don't need to wear masks outdoors.

It is a little ridiculous to say after 14 months, but this is all happening more quickly than I am really comfortable with. Still it's nice to have some trappings of normal life coming back.

The kids have been going to my parents' house twice a week, which has been really great for everyone. Last night we all went over there for dinner, the first time since the kerfuffle began over a year ago. It was really nice to be back there and to have what seemed like a normal meal together.

President Biden said a while back that by the fourth of July we'd be able to have cookouts with other people. That seemed very optimistic back then, but now it seems like it might be within reach, at least here in Massachusetts.