Second seder

Second seder

I'm very grateful that my job is flexible enough to allow me to leave a little early to get ready for the seders. Today I signed off at 4 and set to work getting everything set up and ready.

We had an epic Zoom seder today, with four generations represented from my mom's side of the family. Even my great aunt (95) was able to virtually join us, which was amazing.

We used the PJLibrary Haggadah which I really like - it is simple enough for kids without being dumbed-down too much, but we were able to get through the meat of the seder fairly quickly and we didn't really lose the kids too much. I feel a little dumb for buying extra copies this year for an imagined large seder, but that's ok, it's an organization I'm happy to support.

We had a few technical difficulties but by and large it was surprisingly successful for a large group with varying technology and technological prowess.

My daughter read the four questions again, I was so proud of her. Unfortunately I think she thought that was her only responsibility so she kinda disappeared as soon as she was done, but she came back before too long.

It's a funny thing, I feel cheated of a real family seder but at the same time I probably wouldn't have seen my great aunt or some of the other family this year had it not been for the virtual seder. Many of the family is actually still on the teleconference singing the second half of the seder - we stopped in order to get the kids to bed.

And the real miracle of the day is that the CARES act came through - we had needed to have our nanny file (temporarily) for unemployment, and we were worried about her getting enough to survive on, but the CARES act money means that she will be receiving her full pay (maybe more) and it takes some burden off of us in this difficult time.