They are supposedly beginning to reopen the state this week. This seems awfully premature as the death rate continues to climb. Today's news said that only five countries have death tolls higher than Massachusetts, which is pretty scary. I generally think our governor is doing an ok job with all of this, but at the moment it feels like he is caving to business interests at the expense of public health.

Practically for me it doesn't matter a whole lot. School's still out so it's not like the kids are going to be leaving the house a whole lot. I'll be continuing to work from home for the foreseeable future, and I have no intention of going to any large gatherings for quite some time to come.

My wife is excited that some parks might be reopening soon. She's right that the kids do better when they get time to run around and play outside, but I am very nervous about crowds of cooped-up people swarming to parks and beaches. As much as I'd like to wander around a nice rocky beach or whatever, right now I feel much safer at home and in my own backyard.

I know that businesses are struggling and suffering, and passing that suffering along to their furloughed and laid-off workers. I want that to stop as much as anyone does. But if we don't take the virus seriously I fear that it will just come back and accelerate all over again.