Liberty and Justice for All

My daughter's school starts every (virtual) day with the pledge of allegiance. I find this problematic. I don't think children should be reciting a loyalty oath, particularly not now under this administration. I've been skipping past it when I show her the videos, but it still bothers me that it is there at all.

Liberty and justice for all rings hollow at the moment. Where was liberty when George Floyd was being murdered? Where is justice when we have a criminal in the white house? At best we have 'liberty and justice for some' in our country today, and every day makes that 'some' seem a bit smaller.

Patriotism is not reciting a loyalty oath. Patriotism is marching in the streets for justice and change. Patriotism is working to remove a corrupt despot from office. Patriotism is remembering that our country is supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people. Far too many of those people are being oppressed, marginalized, gassed, and trampled.

I haven't been marching, but I have been donating as often as I can to causes and people that might be able to change things for the better. Here are a few to consider

I want my children to grow up in a country they can believe in and be proud of. But we haven't got one right now. We have an opportunity and an obligation to change that. Please use the means at your disposal to work for justice, now more than ever. That also means voting, and encouraging others to vote.