Last day of camp

Our town has been running a socially-distanced camp-like thing which our kids have been attending. It's been really good for them to have some time outdoors with other kids, and it's been really good for us to have some time with the kids out of the house.

I was pretty scared about sending them since we've been really careful about minimizing contact with other people, but it seems like it worked out well and so far so good.

My daughter has also been attending online enrichment classes also through the town. She's been learning origami, puppetry and some simple engineering among other things. I've been really impressed with what she's been learning, and it is amazing and wonderful that these online courses are offered for free to town residents.

Sadly camp came to a close today (another online session starts Monday I think) and my son is back to not really having much of an outlet. We'll try to figure out something to do with the kids over the weekend, but then there's three more weeks before school starts.

And school, we'll that's another post entirely.