I haven't been to a grocery store since before my knee surgery in February. Today I ventured out to Whole Foods. It was pretty weird.

They had a line out front marked off with 6' segments to get into the store and were limiting how many people could go in at once. When I got to the front they gave me a shopping cart.

Inside the store things were not that different than usual except that everything was marked off in 6' segments. All of the employees were wearing gloves and masks as were most of the customers. I was surprised and irritated to see some customers flaunting the recommendations and walking around without a face covering of any sort.

It was a lot more crowded than I expected it to be, and it was not always easy to maintain as much distance as I would have liked. (Which is sort-of a funny thing to say because in 'normal' life it would have felt deserted.) Generally though it seemed like the store, and most customers, were doing their best to keep everyone safe.