Back to the routine

After taking yesterday to process my grandmother's death, I was back to what has become normal today. Physical therapy, work-from-home, kid-management, and not much else. Some good things are that we've moved back into our room upstairs, and I am done with crutches. My knee is pretty sore, probably because I have been pushing my exercises lately.

Emotionally I'm still feeling pretty fragile - the school sent out a video today of all the teachers with little 'I miss you' messages for the kids, and it got me really choked up. But it was good to be back to work and dealing with the little mundane aspects of daily life.

Sadly the other thing that's become normal is bad news. The number of cases and the number of deaths in Massachusetts (and of course everywhere else) continue to grow, and yet some numbskulls are talking about ending the lockdowns prematurely. Thankfully our governor seems to be relatively sensible about keeping things closed and looking out for people's safety. But the school closure is only scheduled to go until May 4, which seems awfully soon at this point - I hope they will consider extending it if the cases don't start dropping off.

Like everyone I'm sick of being stuck at home, but just because I'm tired of it doesn't mean it's time to stop. If cases are still increasing now, it is hard to believe they will have gone to zero in two weeks. It took China and Italy a lot longer than that, and I'm not sure they are out of the woods yet either. I hope that people will start listening to the doctors and scientists who actually know what's going on rather than the idiot in the white house.