Another tough day

Yesterday was really rough. I'm not sure exactly why - it wasn't like anything particularly new or different happened. I mean, the news was bad, but it is always bad these days, but it seemed like everyone in the house was on edge. The rain didn't help.

My wife and I were both feeling cloudy-headed or headachey which made it hard to concentrate on anything, and the kids were acting out a lot. My daughter had an epic meltdown in the middle of the day over some toy that had been confiscated earlier in the day for misbehavior, and my son was just generally less cooperative and good-natured than usual. It was especially difficult to balance work, kids, school, etc today than some days.

The news about masks and the virus possiby being airborne scares me a lot - I realize that one coping mechanism is to dispassionately approach the numbers and realize that the percentage chance of infection and death is quite low, but that doesn't work for me. We have high-risk people in our extended family, and more in our larger networks, as I'm sure you do as well. We also have a lot of family and friends in NY/NJ so we are hearing a lot about the awful things happening there.

Anyway we'll see what tomorrow brings.