About time

Finally the governer announced stricter restrictions on out-of-state travel. It doesn't take effect until August 1, but it's a step in the right direction.

I've been very worried about the college students returning, as well as tourism on the Cape etc. This new quarantine order will hopefully limit the impact of those two groups, though I expect a lot of people will ignore it and I'm not really sure how it will be enforced. (There's a $500/day fine for not following the restrictions, but how will the state know?)

Meanwhile across the country things continue to get worse. Caseloads are skyrocketing, deaths are increasing, and it is hard to believe that even with these new restrictions we will be immune from a resurgence in the virus come fall.

There have been some promising developments from the pharma companies regarding vaccines, but this seems still quite some ways away - at least many months if not longer.

And the specter of the return to school still lingers. I mostly trust the state and the town to make good decisions and protect our kids and our teachers, but I remain very worried about what the coming school year will bring.

We're also finally starting to admit to ourselves that we aren't going to be returning to our offices any time remotely soon. We spent a good chunk of yesterday attempting to clear out some better office space for my wife (she's been working from the couch in our guest room, but she really needs a desk and a proper chair.) I'd be very surprised if either of us is back in the office before January, and even that looks rather unlikely right now.